Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transportation
Ho Chi Minh City Management Centre of Public Transport (MCPT)

General Information

On Dec 9th, 1996, Ho Chi Minh city Management and Operation Center for Public Transport (MOCPT) were established by Decision No. 4196 / QD-UBND of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City with the main roles and missions as follows:
    - Bus schedules decision for each bus vehicle driven, which approved by the Department of Transport.
    - Bidding organization for selecting Transport Agencies which will serve planned bus routes has been approved by the Department of Transport. Contract signing for public passengers transportation by bus with Transport Agencies.
    - Audit the condition of the business activities of Transport Agencies while participating public passengers transportation by bus; Audit the bus standards.
    - Manage, coordinate, guide and inspect public passengers transportation activities to ensure bus operation network in accordance with the time tables; Unexpected maneuvering buses to relieve congestion, lack of mutant vehicles on bus route network and focal point for the organization of subsidized bus routes.
    - Survey organization, measurement, statistics, results and forecast travel demand of passengers on the bus network. Research consultancy and propose bus operation adjustments when required.
    - Receive, inspection and settlement the funding for Transport Agencies with run subsidized bus.
    - Print, provide and audit Driver Log Book of Transport Agencies.
    - Prepare and implement a training plan, professional training for drivers, ticket staff.
    - Act as investment agency which invest the projects of construction, repair and renovation, infrastructure management public passengers transportation served by bus; Maintenance organization of these infrastructures.
    - Organize online information channel for diseminate people traveling by bus; Organization guidance, answer questions and respond to the comments of the bus passengers.

Ho Chi Minh City Management Centre of Public Transport (MCPT)
27 Pham Viet Chanh street, Nguyen Cu Trinh ward, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city.